Bournemouth Bay Run

Yesterday I took part in the Bournemouth Bay Run, joining ~3000 people to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Gareth Edwards and Rob Winter preparing for the run

Training for the run had gone well. Mostly.

My initial goal was to beat my 10k personal best of 56 minutes. When my wife joked on my Just Giving page that I needed to come in under 50 minutes or she’d want her donation back I accepted that challenge!

I ran several 5-8k routes and two 10k routes in practice. I managed to reduce my 10k time down to 51 minutes – and on a fairly hilly course so was going well to beat the sub-fifty challenge.

But during the final three weeks before the event I did no training at all. With a 25 week-old baby to look after it’s difficult to find the time. Typically the nights before a non-work day are when it’s my turn to be woken up repeatedly, feed him, and rock him to sleep.

Three days before the event I came down with a case of man flu. Terrible timing but I’d signed up for this and raised a few hundred pounds in donations so couldn’t back out.

On the morning of the run I ate a porridge breakfast, drank a Berocca (vitamin drink), drank a lot of water, took ibuprofen, took paracetamol, and got down to the beach to meet my friend Gareth who was running with me.

I managed to get through the run in 53 minutes, feeling fairly horrendous throughout but happy with that time. I’d achieved my initial goal. The sub-50-minute 10k is still something I’m working towards before completing my first half marathon later this year.

Your thoughts etc?