Artificial intelligence and its personal meaning to me

At their current, exponential rate of improvement, it is predicted that physical limitations in the human body such as strength and endurance will be vastly reduced due to nanotechnology modifying our genome and reprogramming our bodily systems.

Stylised illustration of the human brain and its characteristics

The human brain will have been entirely reverse-engineered allowing for mass replication, and artificial intelligence will be powerful enough to tackle problems as general as the human brain can, only with input & output speeds that are millions of times faster.

All by the year 2029.

I’ll be 60 by then, which will probably be half the life expectancy of the average person. School children could outperform Olympic athletes. Families could grow to enormous groups of people spanning many generations.

Today, we have absolutely no idea where life is headed beyond that point. It could be the pinnacle of human existence, or it could be utterly disastrous. How amazing that we live in this particular time in history. That we might witness the single, largest change to humanity since it began. That we may be one of the last generations of its kind.


Your thoughts etc?