My thoughts on experience design

The ‘giving back’ project kick off

From my humble beginnings at art school in the late 1990’s I’ve grown enormously as a person and as a professional. Repeatedly, the lead tutor at my university, Mike Tappenden, loved to tell us this inspirational story:

Baby in an incubator

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Bournemouth Bay Run

Yesterday I took part in the Bournemouth Bay Run, joining ~3000 people to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Gareth Edwards and Rob Winter preparing for the run

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Artificial intelligence and its personal meaning to me

At their current, exponential rate of improvement, it is predicted that physical limitations in the human body such as strength and endurance will be vastly reduced due to nanotechnology modifying our genome and reprogramming our bodily systems.

Stylised illustration of the human brain and its characteristics

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Design sprints and how I take them literally

I tackle work challenges using design sprints. Not only the type where I assemble my designers in one room and collaborate, but also literal sprints. I mean, I actually go running with the intent of thinking about a design problem that I’m having trouble solving in the normal office environment.

The path I use for design sprints

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The Bose experience

Experience design isn’t just about optimising buttons & flows on a website. It reaches into every part of a product’s influence on our lives, whatever form or medium that manifests, and for as long as it takes. I bought a pair of headphones recently & thought it would be fun to recount the full journey I’ve taken from way before purchase to some time after. This is my Bose experience, warts ‘n all.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35

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The secret life of our cat

They say dogs have owners, but cats have staff. If I am the staff then my cats are the customers. So, how well do I know my customers? Learning about them is fun so we bought a pet tracking device to find out more.

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Hypnosis and the mind of the user

My wife and I are currently expecting our first child. It’s as much a worrying time as it is an amazing one. Being the youngest of four siblings my experience of being around babies is limited. In complete contrast, my wife is well up to speed. Not only is she a general practitioner but specialises in women and childrens’ healthcare. This, unfortunately, is also her undoing…

A relaxing view of rainbows over houses

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Designer Profiles for Team Development

Designers are notorious for being the type of person who learns by teaching themselves. While I’ve managed to secure a decent budget for a few days of training on specific areas every year my team has survived, for the most part, on self discovery. Has this approach been good enough? Perhaps until now but it certainly isn’t acceptable any more. Here’s how I’m tackling this issue.

Rob-Complete (1)

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